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Sorry, we aren't taking any more orders this week.

We are working on ways to expand our testing as well a few other projects. We have reduced the number of orders we take each week to make sure we have some time to make these improvements. These limits should be temporary! In a few months we will take off the brakes.

We will take more orders next week. Orders open on Monday, Sydney time. In the mean time, have a look through our individual tests and panels (panels are groups of tests) to help decide what you want to test for.

DNA testing for health, appearance and pedigree verification in horses

Learn about one of the tests we do: Arabian health & colour

Panels are groups of tests that are often chosen together.

This panel includes all of the health and colour genes known to occur in the Arabian breed.

The health tests include CA, LFS, SCID, FFS and OAAM. The appearance tests include red/black, agouti, grey, dun and d1, and W20.

Gene or region and technical reference

Gene: Various (). Reference:

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