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Our last day of testing for the year will be 22 December. The lab will start up again on 2 January 2024.

You can still place new orders and send us samples while we are on break, ready for when we reopen.

DNA testing for health, appearance and pedigree verification in horses

Learn about one of the tests we do: W26 dominant white

W26 is a version of the KIT gene that produces a partial to completely white coat pattern. W26 is thought to have originated in an Australian Thoroughbred mare called Marbrowell, born in 1997.

Marbrowell has produced one white filly, Maybe Maybelline. This filly carries the frame overo gene as well as W26. Maybe Mabelline has one blue eye and a completely white coat. She has recently produced her own filly foal, a medicine hat palomino. We hope to see many more colourful W26 horses in the future.

W26 appears to have arisen on a W20 allele, so all W26 horses will also test positive for at least one copy of W20.

No horses have been identified yet carrying two copies of W26.

Gene or region and technical reference

Gene: KIT (causative). Reference: Hoban et al. (2018)

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