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Learn about one of the tests we do: Lp/Appaloosa/night blindness

Appaloosa, also known as Lp or the leopard spotting complex, is a justifiably famous equine coat colour. Its spectacular patterns appear as white spotting or roaning in the coat. The amount of white ranges from just a few white speckles on the rump to an almost completely white coat.

Horses and ponies that have inherited the appaloosa coat colour from both parents have a condition called Congenital Stationary Night Blindness (CSNB) as well as fewer (or no) coloured spots in the white patches of their coat. Testing for Appaloosa or leopard complex can let you know whether your horse has zero, one or two copies of the gene variant that produces the beautiful appaloosa coat colour.

Gene or region and technical reference

Gene: TRPM1 (causative). Reference: Bellone et al. (2013)

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