Monthly mystery coat colour testing

What is our monthly mystery coat colour testing?

Do you have a really interesting looking horse or pony, and you've always wondered what colour it really is? Finding out colour genetics can be fun and fascinating (for us as well as you)... so:

We are going to do free colour testing for one horse every month.

If you'd like your horse to be in the running, email with some photos and any details you have on your horse (breed, sire, dam, or perhaps that it's a rescue - just whatever you know).

The cut-off point for this monthly competition will be the 15th of each month, to make it easy to work around Christmas and New Years in December/January. No need to enter your horse again if it isn't the one we pick - we'll carry the best ones over to the next month. And this competition is open to horses outside Australia as well as Aussie ones.

This month's candidate

This month we will be testing Winnie, a Welsh B gelding. He is registered as palomino but seems to have dark points.

This month's horse

Winnie's owner Vicki gave us the following information about her gelding:

Pony: Rahane Nigel (Winnie)
Purebred Welsh B gelding
Sire: chestnut
Dam: grey

[Winnie is a] very strange colored pony, dark legs/knees with three white socks. White blaze, silver/salt pepper mane and tail, creamy dark caramel coat.

We chose Winnie because his colour could be either sooty palomino or silver buckskin, and given his parentage there is no way to tell without testing. Silver is present in Welsh Bs but is extremely rare, so the odds are that he is sooty palomino... but you never can tell!

We will test Winnie for agouti, red/black, cream, silver, dun/d1, and for his white markings we will also look at sabino 1, W20 and splashed white 1 (SW1).