The laboratory

What is our laboratory like?

Practical Horse Genetics has set up a brand new laboratory to conduct fast and accurate genetic testing. This will provide horse and pony owners in Australia with a choice when they want to top-quality testing and advice from a local source.

Our laboratory aims to use techniques and products that minimise our environmental impact, from energy-efficient lighting to the safest available DNA dyes and markers. As technology changes, so will our choices of techniques and products. The laboratory wall also features our favourite photos of our horses, people and dogs. These photos are a constant reminder of how important it is to get our testing right!

Contact us

Kao Castle

B.Sc.(Hons.)(Advanced) PhD

Practical Horse Genetics

ABN: 65 117 439 586

ph: +61 410 492 005

email: kao [at]

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Practical Horse Genetics

40 Boronia St (NEW)

Redfern NSW 2016


ISAG instutional member no. 129553

Using shared knowledge

In the sciences, knowledge, skills and even tools like software are often made publicly available, to be shared freely. This philosophy lets scientists build on discoveries made by others. For example, an enormous number of DNA sequences are stored, synchronised, indexed and made freely available through an international collaboration between three outstanding organisations: GenBank, the DDBJ and ENA/EBI. These are some of many sources of shared knowledge that we regularly use.

One of our core pieces of laboratory equipment - a PCR machine from OpenPCR - and our use of software such as SeaView 4 demonstrates our support and admiration for the Open Source philosophy, where knowledge and resources are made freely available and improvements are passed on.

Our use of shared knowledge doesn't stop there. Scientific literature lets us know about new discoveries in equine genetics, from horse and pony breeds around the world. In each summary of an equine coat colour or recessive genetic disorder, you will soon find information about the scientists on whose hard work those genetic tests are based.