Our free genotyping offers

What are the free genotyping offers?

Practical Horse Genetics frequently offers limited amounts of free equine genotyping. But don't get too excited yet - not all horses and ponies are eligible.

In order to be eligible, each horse or pony needs to be a carrier of the particular trait that we are working on.

Our way of saying thank-you for helping us out with positive control samples is giving you free genotyping: choose two of our coat colour tests and we will run them for free on the sample you provide. We will also give you a discount code to use for future testing of other horses.

We are four years old

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More details and which traits are next

If we can fit it in before the busy spring breeding season, we hope to start work developing tests for one or more of the following coat colour traits: pangare/mealy, SW2, W13 and the other new Australian W genes.

You might also want us to do testing for something else entirely. If so, get in touch. The more requests we get, the more likely we are to target that test.

We also hope to offer tests for Connemara Pony Hoof Wall Separation Syndrome and the forms of dwarfism found in Miniatures in the future.

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