• We are now able to do GBED testing. This test is for pure and part-bred Quarter Horses and related breeds.

  • We can now do FIS testing for pure or part-bred Fell Ponies, Dale Ponies and Gypsy horses.

  • Finally, a price drop for the extension (red/black) test to bring it in line with our other colour tests!

  • Own a pure or part-bred Friesian? We are very close to having the hydrocephalus test and Dwarfism marker up and running.

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frame overo | sabino 1
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Mystery solved

Our second monthly mystery horse is Rahane Nigel, a.k.a Winnie. Winnie is a Welsh B gelding. He is registered as palomino, but has dark points and both dark and light colouring in his mane and tail. Is he buckskin with a silver or heavily frosted mane and tail, or sooty palomino?

To identify Winnie's colour we tested for red/black, agouti, cream silver and dun. Winnie also has three white socks and a blaze. We tested for W20, sabino 1 and splashed white 1 (SW1) to find the cause of his markings.

Read more about the results here.