• NEW TEST: W13 dominant white, for miniature horses descended from Sweetwater Picasso Painted Wild.

  • NEW TEST: splashed white 2 (SW2)

  • Roan! This test works for most ponies and horses, but is not useful for Shetland Ponies, Thoroughbreds or Belgian Heavy Horses.

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frame overo | sabino 1
splashed white 1 | W20

Mystery solved

Our current monthly mystery horse is Apoco-D Paris, a Miniature horse mare registered as chestnut. Paris looks dark brown, with slightly light points on her legs in winter. Her owner thinks she could be smokey black. Paris has had many foals of various colours (silver dapple, black, chestnut and palomino) and because her parents are palomino and black, smokey black or chestnut are both genetic possibilities.

To identify her colour we tested for red/black, agouti, cream and silver. Since Paris has a blaze as well. We tested for W20, sabino 1, frame overo and splashed white 1 (SW1) to find the cause of her markings.

Read more about the results here.