DNA profile (SNP)

Why get a DNA profile using SNPs?


SNP profiling is a more modern technology that has the potential to be either cheaper or more powerful (and possibly both!) than the old-style microsatellite DNA profiles.

Many stud books require a DNA profiles to check the parentage of your horse or pony.

To check parentage we need the same type of profiles from all three of:

  • the sire,
  • the dam,
  • and the foal.

If the sire and dam have had DNA profiles done at a different lab, you (or the person who ordered the test) can give that lab permission to share those profiles with us.

We are running limited numbers of parentage profiles in 2017 and 2018. First in best dressed!

How is this different?

SNP profiles have a couple of important advantages over the standard microsatellite profiles: price, and the ability to check for colour genes and inherited disorder genes at the same time as doing a parentage profile.

Unfortunately we can't use a foal's SNP profile to check against parents that have standard microsatellite DNA profiles. That's why we'll be offering the two profiles together!