Foal Immunodeficiency Syndrome (FIS) or Fell Pony Syndrome

Why test for Foal Immunodeficiency Syndrome?

Foal Immunodeficiency Syndrome (FIS) is a fatal inherited disorder that has been found in pure and part-bred Fell Ponies, Dale Ponies and Gypsy breeds. Foals with FIS are normal at birth, but within a few weeks develop severe anaemia and B-lymphopenia. If they are not euthenased they will die from the effects of opportunistic infections.

FIS is an autosomal recessive disorder. Autosomal disorders are equally likely to affect male or female horses, while "recessive" means that a horse needs to inherit the FIS mutation from both its sire and its dam to be affected. Horses that have inherited the FIS mutation from just one parent are called FIS carriers, and do not have physical signs of this disorder.

Our information and terminology is based on the sequences and content in Fox-Clipsham et al. (2011): doi:10.1371/journal.pgen.1002133

FIS in various breeds

FIS has been found in pure and part-bred:

  • Fell Ponies
  • Dale Ponies
  • Gyspy Horses

It may also occur in other breeds and crosses.

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Inherited disorders

Pure and part-bred Arabian

$14 Cerebellar abiotrophy (CA) more
$14 Severe combined immune deficiency (SCID) more
$14 Lavender foal syndrome (LFS) more

Fell Ponies, Dale Ponies and Gypsy horses

$14 Foal immunodeficiency syndrome (FIS) more

Pure and part-bred Friesian

$19 Friesian dwarfism more
$14 Hydrocephalus (Friesian and other breeds) more

Various breeds

$14 Polysaccharide storage myopathy type 1 (PSSM1) more

Quarter horses and related breeds

$14 Malignant hyperthermia (MH) more
$14 Hyperkalemic periodic paralysis (HYPP) more
$14 Hereditary equine regional dermal asthenia (HERDA) more
$19 Glycogen branching enzyme deficiency (GBED) more

Saddlebred horses and related breeds

$14 Junctional epidermolysis bullosa, Saddlebred form (JEB) more

Coat colour tests

Base coat colours

$9 Agouti (the bay factor) more
$9 Extension (red/black) more

Coat colour dilutions

$9 Cream more
$9 Dun and d1 more
$9 Silver more
$9 Champagne more
$9 Pearl more

Coat patterns

$9 Grey more
$9 Appaloosa or leopard (CSNB) more
$9 PATN1 more
$9 SW1 (Splashed White 1) more
$9 SW2 (Splashed White 2) more
$9 Frame overo (OLWS) more
$9 Tobiano more
$9 Sabino 1 more
$9 W13 dominant white more
$9 W20 white markings more
$9 Roan marker more

Parentage/DNA profile

$33 DNA profile (microsatellite) more

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