• NEW TEST: W27 dominant white, for Thoroughbreds, Paints and show jumpers descended from the Thoroughbred mare Milady Fair (aka the Colourful Gambler line).

  • NEW TEST: W13 dominant white, for miniature horses descended from Sweetwater Picasso Painted Wild.

  • NEW TEST: splashed white 2 (SW2)

  • Roan! This test works for most ponies and horses, but is not useful for Shetland Ponies, Thoroughbreds or Belgian Heavy Horses.

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Mystery solved

Our latest monthly mystery horse is a gorgeous part-bred Arab/TB called Tanlee Romeo. He has a chocolate coat that is lighter than most smokey blacks (black buckskins) but more evenly coloured that most dark buckskins. He also has a very large blaze, four high socks and a white tail tip. White markings on the end of the tail are often a sign that splashed white is present, but splashed white is extremely rare in the Arabian and Thoroughbred breeds.

To identify Romeo's colours and patterns we tested for red/black, agouti, cream, silver, dun/d1, W20, SW1 and frame overo.

Read more about the results here.